The Royal Society
Thu 25 Apr 2024
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Clifford Paterson Prize Lecture: Making small structures from soft matter to create new frontiers image

Join us for the Clifford Paterson Prize Lecture 2024 given by Professor Mohan Edirisinghe.
Inventing scalable and sustainable methods for making bubbles/vesicles, particles/capsules and fibres of the micro-nano scale, boosting public healthcare is an essential part of modern manufacturing engineering sciences. Microbubbles are very effective drug delivery agents and are also crucial contrast agents in ultrasound imaging. Particles and capsules are extensively used in modern therapeutic delivery. Fibres, in the form of scaffolds, filters, patches and dressings can be used in many aspects of healthcare; advanced tissue engineering, microbial screening, drug delivery and chronic wound healing bandage strategies. The quest to make these structures reproducibly with high productivity in a sustainable manner is elusive and is a very buoyant research topic as scale-up possibilities and actual sustainable industrial manufacturing in addition to new scientific, engineering and technological innovations are crucial factors.
The EdirisingheLab@UCL, is at the forefront of this research internationally and this lecture will elucidate how these novel sustainable making developments are taking place at great pace. For example, in the past two decades they have innovated new methods for making this new generation of biomaterials which enables healthcare, and in the last decade their research into pressure spinning incorporating sustainable materials, environmentally friendly solvents and energy efficiency has elevated fibre manufacturing to new levels.