Wellcome Collection
Thu 25 Apr 2024
6:00 pm
Subtitled in house by Wellcome Collection
A Perspective on Subversive Beauty with Umber Ghauri image

Join multi-disciplinary artist and writer Umber Ghauri for a discussion and workshop about the possibilities of makeup beyond normative beauty standards, inspired by ‘The Cult of Beauty’ exhibition.
In a short presentation Umber will introduce the themes and demonstrate various ways of producing creative makeup looks. They will guide you to think about playful self-expression and subversion rather than established, normative beauty standards.
You will then have the opportunity to create your own makeup looks on paper face charts. All art materials will be provided.
You’re invited to explore ‘The Cult of Beauty’ in your own time. The exhibition is at its quietest on weekdays and weekend mornings. It is particularly busy on Saturdays.
When you arrive, tell a member of staff that you are a ticket holder for this event. You will be offered a wristband that gives you free timed entry to the exhibition, before or after Umber’s workshop.