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Technical specifications

Open captioning is the delivery of a body of text via a computer and cable link to a display, usually a dot matrix screen, triggered in real-time by an operator.

The equipment needed for a captioned performance comprises:

  • Windows computer with Microsoft Word for converting the script into a plain text document, and Stagetext captioning software for formatting the script and outputting it to the display unit during the captioned performance.
  • USB to RS485 converter unit. This terminates in an XLR suitable for house tie lines or audio multicore.
  • Stagetext LED display unit. This is a dot matrix with a configuration of 352 x 64 pixels (11 modules across at 32 dots per module x 4 modules high at 16 dots per module). The LEDs are 3.00mm with 4.57mm pitch. The display case has a rigging point at each end on the top and comes supplied with a ½ ton bow shackle.

Available equipment includes:

1 x laptop computer loaded with captioning program, spellcheck program and converter driver

1 x link to captioning software, spellcheck software, converter driver and technical information

1 x USB A-B cable

1 x USB RS485 interface unit

1 x XLR Y-cord

2 x 2 metre microphone cable
2 x 20 metre microphone cable
1 x drum 100 metre microphone cable

1 x drum 50 metre microphone cable

1 x Stagetext display in transit case


RS232/RS485 converter and RS485 data cabling.

Further information

For more details on purchasing your own captioning equipment, please email enquiries, or call us on 020 7377 0540.


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