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Setting up the equipment

If you have booked Stagetext to provide the equipment and caption a show in your theatre, we will send one of our technicians to install and test the captioning equipment, working alongside your own technical team.

The caption unit position and ‘get-in’ time will be agreed between outselves and the theatre well in advance of the show and we will provide a Technical Brief which includes the following details:

  • ‘Get-in’ time (ideally mid-late afternoon for an evening performance and mid-morning for a matinee, to allow sufficient time for setting up and testing the equipment before the actors’ warm-up)
  • Offloading arrangements
  • Parking for the technician’s car
  • The name of the technical contact person at the theatre to help set up the equipment
  • Confirmation of the time available for set-up and any information on clashes for the use of the stage and auditorium, for example rehearsals, workshops, tours and matinees (if the captioned performance is in the evening)
  • Position of the caption unit and captioner
  • Availability of assistance and adequate time for ‘get-out’

Maintenance of equipment

Loose or damaged connections can result in scrambled text. It is essential that all connections are secure and the software is operating correctly. The best time to do this is well before the actors' warm up. Our technician will have a laptop with the relevant software for demonstrating and testing the equipment, and the captioner will use their own laptop as a back-up.

Good maintenance of the equipment is essential, particularly if it is regularly set up and dismantled, for example on tour. Most cabling problems occur when the equipment is dismantled and everyone is in a rush to leave the theatre. Power surge protection for computers is essential.



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