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Messages of support

Stagetext regularly receives messages of support from deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people telling us how much they love captioning and how being able to enjoy theatre has changed their life. It's great to get your comments so please do keep sending them. A number of playwrights, artistic directors, actors and others from the world of theatre also sent messages for our 10th anniversary in 2010. Here are a few of them ...

Alan Bennett, Playwright

'I’m all for any methods whereby plays can be made more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. Stagetext provides just such a service and I’m grateful that two of my plays, The History Boys and The Habit of Art, should have been chosen for captioning.'


Tom Stoppard, Playwright

'Stagetext has long provided an invaluable service to all within the British theatre community. Their captioned performances enable many people who had abandoned the theatre to be able to enjoy live performance again. Their work is to the good of the theatre community and most importantly the audiences it reaches.'

Michael Grandage, Artistic Director, Donmar Warehouse (2002-2012)

'I would always hope we would get feedback from our designated audience, but it’s very interesting that the feedback is much broader than that because in any one captioned performance there’s a considerable percentage of the house who don’t need the captions. And I’m always intrigued, and surprised, and thrilled, that those people get something from it as well.

We have learned that one of the ways to get it right is to engage with it right from the very beginning. So the moment the programme is agreed, that’s where we start. We have very little problem with actors in relation to the captioned performances and, indeed, other members of the audience.'


Daniel Evans, Artistic Director, Sheffield Theatres (2009-2016)

'Sheffield Lyceum Theatre was one of the very first theatres in the country in which Stagetext captioned a performance!  Now captioning is a regular and essential
tenet of our programming - whether it's for a play, a musical or even a piece of physical theatre - and we couldn't do it without the brilliance of the Stagetext captioners.

On a more personal note, as an actor myself, I have participated in captioned performances and know first hand from audiences how important this scheme has become. I believe that theatre should be made available and accessible to all.'

Michael Attenborough

'Captioned performances are now a part of our way of life at the Almeida. Indeed, I believe them to be a fundamental right for those whom they benefit.'


Edward Hall, Artistic Director, Hampstead Theatre

'Theatre is about bringing debate, entertainment and creative stimulation to the widest possible audience. Stagetext is an invaluable part of Hampstead Theatre's determination to pursue this goal and I look forward to our relationship continuing far into the future.'


Anna Friel, Actor

'I'm always in favour of organisations which promote theatre and get more bums on seats but especially one which allows people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, who might otherwise be denied access to theatre, to experience theatre on the same basis as other hearing patrons.

As an actress I know how important it is to be able to communicate with your audience and Stagetext enables us to ensure we reach out to as wide an audience as possible.'


Peter Brook, Director

'The theatre exists to sweep through all definitions that put human beings into categories, so every new way of enhancing communications is necessary, welcome and must be encouraged. Your work is truly worthwhile.'

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