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What caption users say

Stagetext regularly receives messages from deaf, deafened and hard of hearing theatregoers saying how much they love captioned performances and how the service has changed their life. For many, it means they can now enjoy a show with their hearing friends and family, laugh or cry at the same time as everyone else, and chat about the production afterwards. 

Click on the following links to read the stories.

Tim Hardy - 'Words no longer fail me'                                                                                                    

Sue Bright - 'Captioning was a real revelation'

Lucy Coelho - 'Having access to the dialogue and action was revolutionary'                                    

Sophie Woolley - 'Exciting new writing is now accessible to me'

John Unsworth - 'What did we do before captioning? We stayed at home'                         

Vivienne Keightley - 'I can follow everything that's happening'

Nell Baugh - 'I no longer feel excluded'

Fiorenzo Cecere - 'Captioning blew away my sense of isolation'        

Marion Pearson - 'A modern miracle of invention'

Tina Lannin - 'I can now enjoy theatre with my hearing friends'          

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