TalksTalks | ONLINE
Museum of London Archaeology
Thu 19 May 2022
10:30 am - 5:00 pm
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#WalkCreate Gathering image

The #WalkCreate Gathering is the final event of the research project Walking Publics/Walking Arts: walking, wellbeing and community during Covid-19.
The project explored how creative walking activities have been and could be used to mitigate social isolation and anxiety, maintain health and wellbeing, enhance social connectivity, and facilitate cultural empowerment.
For the past 16 months, the research team has been investigating:

the walking experiences and creative interventions of people during COVID-19 restrictions.
the ‘lockdown’ work of artists using walking activity within conditions of restriction.
the potential of the arts to sustain, encourage and more equitably support walking during and recovering from a pandemic.

Walking Publics/Walking Arts is grateful for the support of our Project Advisor Carole Wright, Partners and Associate Partners: Arts Canteen, Glasgow Life, Living Streets, Museum of London Archaeology, Open Clasp Theatre, Paths for All, Ramblers Scotland, and Sheffield Environmental Movement. For further info, visit
At the #WalkCreate Gathering we will:

share our research findings on walking and creativity during COVID-19.
host a series of ‘walkshops’ and presentations led by artists and Associate Partners.
launch our Project Report on people’s experiences of walking during the pandemic.
launch and demonstrate The Walkbook, a free resource to support creative walking and wellbeing.

It is aimed at individuals and organisations interested in exploring and understanding:

the benefits of bridging walking and the arts
creativity as a tool to engage more people in walking
walking as a safe and creative participatory resource

The #WalkCreate Gathering takes place in person in central London on 18 May, and in a hybrid format on 19 May (East London/online).
You can join us for half days on Day 1, either full day or the whole of both days. A free vegan lunch and refreshments will be on offer as well as free print copies of our project report ‘#WalkCreate: understanding walking and creativity during COVID-19′ and ‘The Walkbook: Recipes for walking and wellbeing’.