TalksTalks | ONLINE
Serpentine Galleries
Thu 7 Jul 2022
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Live Subtitled by Stagetext
Virtual Launch: Synthetic Ecologies Compendium image

The Synthetic Ecologies Lab brings together artistic and scientific communities into experimental exchange through its latest project: Compendium.
How can fermentation and our relationship with microbial life inform different disciplinary practices?
Compendium is a creative research and development tool devised by Serpentine’s Synthetic Ecologies Lab. It is a guide in the exploration of the parallels between culture, ecology and life science through the lens of seasonal thematic motifs. Led by a Guest Curator and the Guild, – a group of contributing thought leaders from diverse fields, – Compendium is an evolving archive of sketches, notes and conversations that explore histories of human knowledge and the invisible scales of life that govern not only our kitchens, but also our contemporary science, culture and technology.