British Museum
Thu 8 Dec 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Tutankhamun reimagined –
a conversation image

In this conversation, the curators of the British Museum display Tutankhamun reimagined will discuss the perception of the famous pharaoh in Egypt, today and in the ancient past, and the thinking behind bringing together ancient artefacts and street art for this display.
Tutankhamun’s unexpected death, ending a short reign of around nine years (about 1336–1327 BC), limited his impact on ancient Egyptian history. However, the discovery in 1922 of his almost intact tomb transformed him into the most famous pharaoh of them all. The unprecedented find marked a turning point in our understanding of ancient Egypt, and the previously obscure king became a household name. A century after the discovery of his tomb, Tutankhamun continues to be a powerful symbol of Egyptian identity and a source of artistic inspiration.
This event is part of the public programme complementing the Asahi Shimbun Displays (Room 3) Tutankhamun reimagined (opens 1 December 2022).