Barbican Centre
Fri 1 Apr 2022
7:45 pm
Captioned by Stagetext

Filmmaker and writer Campbell X curates the latest edition of Transpose, an electric evening of live music, theatre, rap and unbelievable twerking from some of the UK’s most exciting trans artists.
Featuring incredible performances by Mzz Kimberley, Felix Mufti and Ebony Rose Dark, this Pit Party celebrates the creativity of trans artists using dance, rap and theatre. Highlights amongst other goodies include, the healing effects of gender affirmation and the beauty of Trans4Trans relationships all wrapped in a beautiful package of gender euphoria.
Transpose was founded by artistic director CN Lester in 2011 and has spent ten years celebrating, promoting, and platforming the wide-ranging talents of the UK trans community. This edition is curated by award-winning filmmaker and writer Campbell X and directed by acclaimed playwright Tabby Lamb, two of the UK LGBT’s community’s leading theatre and film. In the words of CN, it’s a space in which ‘we can show you our vulnerabilities, our strengths, and – most of all – our authenticity.’