National Gallery
Mon 7 Feb 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Live Subtitled by Stagetext
The World within Dürer’s Renaissance image

Renaissance Europe is often framed as a flourishing of artistic creativity, a crescendo of human innovation. It is seen as a catalyst for the so-called Age of Discovery, with its outward cultural expansion across the world. 
Yet, the inward influence of global art, ideas and cultural frames of reference on the West often goes unnoticed and under discussed. In this talk, Dr Jago Cooper, Director of the Sainsbury Centre, UEA, re-frames the agency of inspiration and origins of discovery through discussion of the worldwide influences on the life and works of Albrecht Dürer.
This is a live stream of a talk taking place in the Sainsbury Wing Theatre. If you would prefer to attend this event in person, at the Gallery, please book separate tickets here.
Image: Detail from Albrecht Dürer, ‘Saint Eustace’, about 1499–1503 ©? Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam