British Library
Thu 30 Mar 2023
5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
The Poetry of Conflict in Context image

Fresh ideas for teaching the poetry of conflict in context, drawing on the British Library’s rich Discovering Literature website.
Join Associate Professor of British and American Literature at UCL Dr Linda Freedman, Chair of the Royal Society of Literature and critically-acclaimed poet Daljit Nagra and teacher Patrick Cragg for this fascinating workshop.

Dr Linda Freedman will use extracts from her book, William Blake and the Myth of America: from the Abolitionists to the Counterculture to discuss William Blake’s original draft manuscript and explain the meanings behind his iconic poem, ‘London’.
Daljit Nagra will further explore selected poems from the anthologies, including Wilfred Owen’s ‘Exposure’ and John Agard’s ‘Checking Out Me History’.
Patrick Cragg will share ways to use items from the Discovering Literature website in the classroom.

Following the event, delegates will receive a digital resource pack, created by Patrick Cragg, featuring practical teaching ideas for a range of Discovering Literature collection items.