New Diorama Theatre
Thu 17 Mar 2022
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
Passion Fruit image

‘In that moment, the burst of love, I knew there was no going back.’
Romeo is a Black, Gay, British-Jamaican boy growing up on a North London housing estate. Around the corner, joy awaits…
Passion Fruit is about family, culture and community – embracing them, surviving them, and coming out shimmering in gold dust. Through gang violence and doomed relationships, homophobia and hedonistic sex, Romeo’s arrived at this moment: vibrant, bruised, fiercely ambitious – and ready to share a love story.
Brimming with joyful movement, brutal honesty and tender insight, Passion Fruit is a new coming-of-age comedy-drama from Dior Clarke and co-writer Stephanie Martin. Supported by The PappyShow and New Diorama, this world premiere follows sold-out previews at The Glory to rapturous audience responses.