Park Theatre
Wed 28 Jun 2023
7:45 pm
Captioned in house by Park Theatre
Paper Cut image

‘It’s the end of the Earth. And if I’m gonna fucking die, I at least want to die knowing I loved’
A young gay American soldier, Kyle, returns from Afghanistan after being injured in an IED blast. Only a paper cut. Or that’s what he wants his friends, family, and a potential new love to believe. Paper Cut is a raw exploration of the physical and emotional toll of returning soldiers and how they navigate their way through another minefield – returning home.
This is a love story through the prism of a soldier. Someone who will die for their country even when their country tells them every day – in small and large ways – that they are less than. It’s an examination of what it means to be man. And even more so: what it means to be a gay man.