TalksTalks | ONLINE
Royal Museums Greenwich
Thu 10 Feb 2022
6:30 pm - 8:45 pm
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OUTing the Past image

The National Maritime Museum is delighted to host the national festival of OUTing the Past, dedicated to the celebration of queer history.
Join us for an evening of fascinating talks that will take you on a historic journey of queer resilience, brilliance and imagination.
Programme includes:
Passing the Baton: Queer Writers of Colour Celebrate Their Historic Icons
Adam Lowe, Maya Chowdhry, Dorothea Smartt, Seni Seneviratne
Unlearning Orientalism Through Indigenous Two-Spirit Dance
Cas Bradbeer
Writing Ourselves Back Into History: the place of queer historical fiction
Jay Taverner (i.e. Jacky Bratton and Jane Traies)