TalksTalks | ONLINE
The WOW Foundation
Thu 25 Aug 2022
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Provided By Stagetext
Online Artist Talk with Lubaina Himid – Found Cities, Lost Objects: Women in the City image

Turner Prize winning artist and activist Lubaina Himid joins WOW – Women of the World Founder Jude Kelly for an evening of conversation and reflection on the exhibition “Found Cities, Lost Objects: Women in the City ”.
Curated by Lubaina, the exhibition explores modern city life from a female perspective, and addresses themes ranging from safety, to ideas of belonging and power – who are cities for, and why?
In this online event, Lubaina and Jude will explore how Lubaina created the exhibition, why the subject matter is important for art to address, and discuss the often sidelined stories of our cities and the shared experience of women. Lubaina will also share some specially curated pieces from the exhibition and explain what they mean to her, with time for audience questions.
If you haven’t seen the exhibition, or don’t know much about art – don’t worry. There’s no need to have any prior knowledge, just an interest in how we could build cities and create worlds more welcoming to all.
In Found Cities, Lost Objects, Himid brings together a group of works that address these themes, questioning our understanding of the urban environment and encouraging a rediscovery and reclaiming of our cities.
“Cities are places to make history, make money and the ability to predict the future. They are full of memories, lost lives and lost objects.”
— Lubaina Himid CBE.