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Oonagh Young Gallery
Fri 2 Dec 2022
Subtitled by Stagetext
Oh – Infamy – we eat electric light image

The piece can be seen at Oonagh Young Gallery any time between 4th nov – 2nd Dec.
Oh – Infamy – we eat electric light is a new film and exhibition at the Oonagh Young Gallery, James Joyce Street, by Emma Wolf-Haugh and Iarlaith Ni Fheorais, in partnership with Arts & Disability Ireland, inspired by Episode 15 of James Joyce’s Ulysses. A hallucinatory trip through the night time streets, it explores otherworldly scenes of kink, justice, gender swapping, animism, and the troubling, unearthed through drag, dance, and text.
Mourning the lost magic of the night, Oh – Infamy – we eat electric light takes place on the site of Monto, Dublin’s sex work and nightlife district of old. The place where Bloom roves in hallucinatory states through Circe, and where we evoke phantoms of the past’s stomping demands for filthier futures. Oh – Infamy is a celebratory haunting of dirty auld Dublin and of Circe; an ode to the potential energies housed in ruin.