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Durham Book Festival
Sun 16 Oct 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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Durham Book Festival 2022

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New Nature Writing: Helen Mort, Nina Mingya Powles and Amanda Thomson image

Part of Durham Book Festival.
This event celebrates nature writing and memoir from writers who are breathing fresh life into the genre.
Helen Mort has always been drawn to the thrill and risk of rock climbing. In A Line Above the Sky, she finds herself re-examining how becoming a mother has changed her relationship to the natural world, and to herself.
Throughout Nina Mingya Powles’ life, bodies of water have always felt like home. From the wild coastline of New Zealand to a pond in London, Small Bodies of Water is a lyrical essay collection that explores swimming, memories and migration.
Belonging by Amanda Thomson is a reflective memoir about family, identity and what it is to have and make a home. It is a love letter to nature, especially the northern landscapes of Scotland and the Scots pinewoods of Abernathy.
Chaired by Kathryn Tann, New Writing North