Summerhall Cairns Lecture Theatre
Tue 23 Aug 2022
5:00 pm
Captioned in house by Summerhall Cairns Lecture Theatre
Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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Molly Naylor: Stop Trying to Be Fantastic image

Part of Edinburgh Fringe
One day, a magpie comes into a little girl’s house by mistake. It decides it likes her. She spends the next 25 years trying to get away from it. Stop Trying to Be Fantastic is a mostly true story about suffering, saviour complex, self acceptance and a magpie who refuses to quit. Award-winning writer/performer Molly Naylor presents this funny, frank, lyrical storytelling show that explores what we owe to each other versus what we owe to ourselves. It’s an anti self-help show… that might actually help. ‘Brave, funny, tough and beautiful writing’ (Guardian).