Write Idea
Sat 5 Nov 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Writeidea Festival 2022

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MALCOLM RUSSELL: Mudlark’d image

Malcolm studied history at university and first started unearthing objects from the past thirty-five years ago while excavating Victorian household tips. He now lives in east London and connects with his passion for the past through mudlarking on the foreshore of the Thames.
He is one of the most popular mudlarks on social media, and has contributed to publications such as Treasure Hunting, The Searcher and Beachcombing.The first illustrated book on mudlarking that tells the captivating stories of forgotten people through objects recovered from the river Thames, Mudlark’d combines insights from 200 eclectic objects discovered on the Thames foreshore.and uncovers the hidden histories of forgotten people from all over the world. Beginning in each case with a particular find, Malcolm tells the stories of the people who owned, made or used such objects, revealing the habits, customs and crafts not only of those living in London but also of those passing through.