Serpentine Galleries
Thu 18 May 2023
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Libby Heaney Wild Data image

“Why does big tech dominate our data landscapes? Capitalist models use binary, outdated modes of classification, which have led to well-documented prejudicial biases and rising societal polarisation.” – Libby Heaney 
Join artist Libby Heaney, video game writer and narrative designer Meghna Jayanth, and Arts Technologies Producer Alex Boyes from 18:00 on Serpentine Twitch (@SerpentineUK) as they play through Heaney’s Wild Data and other games celebrating non-linear narrative design. Wild Data leverages Libby’s existing rewilding research, as well as non-human perspectives within virtual worldbuilding. This playthrough will also demonstrate Wild Data’s back-end that has been built in the Unity game engine. 
Wild Data is part of an ongoing project led by Libby Heaney proposing new ways of speaking about data collection, stewardship and usage in relation to her research into how rewilding practices can be applied within the UK and Europe.