Wellcome Collection
Sat 13 May 2023
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Subtitled in house by Wellcome Collection
Just Add Milk! image

Join for a panel discussion about how milk transformed tea, coffee and chocolate into three of the most widely consumed products in the world.
We’ll talk about how the addition of milk changed the way Britain used these colonial commodities and the ways common themes of empire became entangled in their histories.
We’ll also talk about how the choices we make when shopping, eating and drinking can affect not only our health, but how we respond to the colonial legacies of global trade and food production.
The discussion will be facilitated by Jenny Williams, Founding Director of Take the Space, a creative production hub for Black and multi-ethnic talent.
You can visit our ‘Milk’ exhibition before or after this event.
This event is recommended for visitors over the age of 18. The discussion will include mentions of slavery, racism and exploitation.