Write Idea
Sun 6 Nov 2022
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Writeidea Festival 2022

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JOHN GRINDROD: Iconicon image

John Grindrod is a Croydon author of books on architecture, who also works for publisher Faber and Faber. He has written for the Guardian, Financial Times, the Twentieth Century Society magazine and The Modernist. 
A captivating exploration of Britain’s most iconic contemporary buildings, from the Barratt home to the Millennium Dome, Iconicon is an enthralling journey around the Britain we have created since 1980 — the horrors and delights, the triumphs and failures. From space-age tower blocks to suburban business parks, and from postmodernist exuberance to Passivhaus eco-efficiency, this is at once a revelatory architectural grand tour and an endlessly witty and engaging piece of social history.