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Durham Book Festival
Sat 15 Oct 2022
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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Durham Book Festival 2022

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Jason Cowley and Alex Niven: Who Are We Now? (DBF22) image

Part of Durham Book Festival.
Join Jason Cowley and Alex Niven as they consider a nation poised on the brink of enormous change.
In Who Are We Now? Jason Cowley examines contemporary England through key news stories of recent times to reveal what they tell us about the state of the nation. From the election of Tony Blair to the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, the book investigates how England has changed and how those changes have affected us.
Jason Cowley is the editor of the New Statesman and author of books including The Last Game: Love, Death and Football and Reaching for Utopia.
Alex Niven lectures in English Literature at Newcastle University. His books include New Model Island and he is currently editor-at-large at Repeater Books.
Chaired by Professor Katy Shaw, Northumbria University