TalksTalks | ONLINE
British Museum
Thu 28 Apr 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Provided By Stagetext
Inspired by Stonehenge image

Stonehenge, its setting and its world, have inspired every subsequent age.
Its structure and mood have inspired the great artists of British Romanticism, JMW Turner and John Constable, evoking the mystery of a deeply distant time. The relationship between people and this landscape is beautifully shown in literature by Thomas Hardy, among others.
Harriet Still, curator of the four exhibitions on Hardy’s Wessex: the landscapes that inspired a writer, at Wessex Museums, will give an insight into why and how this is shown. Still is joined by contemporary artists Rose Ferraby and Turner Prize-winner Jeremy Deller, who have interpreted the era and forms of Stonehenge in new and striking ways: Ferraby in graphics and Deller in an inflated ‘bouncy castle’ of Stonehenge.
Join this live subtitled discussion to explore how and why Stonehenge and its world have stimulated artistic and literary responses, up to today. 
The event is chaired by David Dawson, Director of the Wiltshire Museum.