Pleasance Theatre London
Wed 23 Feb 2022
6:00 pm
Captioned in house by Pleasance Theatre London
how to build a wax figure image

Girl meets anatomical wax sculptor.
Anatomical wax sculptor meets Girl.
They fall in love. Or something like that.
Bea’s older neighbour was her first love, her first cigarette, her first prosthetic eye. When Bea is invited to the Wellcome Collection to speak about her expertise making glass eyes, she finds herself unable to untie Margot from all that she does. As she tries to unpack her mentor’s effect on her work, Bea must dissect for herself what love really looks like.
November Theatre launches in the UK with Isabella Waldron’s electric new play, how to build a wax figure, bringing a fresh perspective on queer love, age-gap relationships, and ocularistry. Can gout and wax be sexy? Come and see for yourself.
Originally programmed as part of VAULT Festival 2022.
A November Theatre & Sarah Jordan Verghese production supported by Arts Council England.