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Durham Book Festival
Sat 15 Oct 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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Durham Book Festival 2022

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Green Energy in the North East image

Part of Durham Book Festival.
Could the North East be the future of green energy? Geothermal energy is little developed in the UK but we are sitting on an unlikely resource – mines. Abandoned mines have huge potential for decarbonising heat, and our historic mining infrastructure could put the region at the forefront of the green revolution. Join Professor Jeroen van Hunen and Dr Charlotte Adams as they discuss their own research and the opportunities for green energy in the North East and beyond.
Jeroen van Hunen is a Professor at Durham University and a Fellow in the Durham Energy Institute. Dr Charlotte Adams is a hydrogeologist with an interest in water resource assessment and mine water treatment.
Chaired by Dr Joanna Berry, Durham University