Pleasance Dome
Wed 17 Aug 2022
12:50 pm
Captioned in house by Pleasance Dome
Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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Godot is a Woman image

Part of Edinburgh Fringe.
In 1953 a man wrote a play about waiting. In 1988 he sued five women for trying to perform it. In 2001 Madonna released What It Feels Like for a Girl. It’s 2022 and we’re still waiting. Since Waiting For Godot was written, non-men across the world have wanted to fill the boots of Didi and Gogo. Nearly 70 years later, the playwright is dead, but his estate still says no. Samuel Beckett? …Thank u, next. ‘Cheeky and geeky’ **** (Guardian). ‘Richly comic’ **** (Stage).