Serpentine Galleries
Tue 18 Apr 2023
7:00 pm - 8:20 pm
Godmode Epochs image

Serpentine Arts Technologies invites you to participate in a live play-through and discussion of Godmode Epochs: a multiplayer, AI-training game by artist duo dmstfctn. Head to @SerpentineUK’s Twitch, Tuesday 18 April at 7pm GMT.
Godmode Epochs is a reciprocal training programme: players train an AI to understand our world, while the game trains players to understand AI. Set among the lined shelves of an infinite, simulated supermarket, players race against time to train an AI to identify products. Frustration on the part of the AI leads it, at times, to stop training and seek refuge in its memories – a separate game map where players can collaborate to discover cheats and use them to jailbreak limitations and speedrun the training.
Join Arts Technologies Curator, Eva Jäger, and dmstfctn as they play Godmode Epochs and explore other games, tools and research that have informed dmstfctn’s project. Make sure to create your own Twitch account to participate in the chat and get a link to play along in your browser – instructions can be found here.
Interested to learn more? Read Turret Theory by Creative AI Lab researcher Alasdair Milne to learn more about the supermarket simulations and collaborative configurations of dmstfctn’s game.
Godmode Epochs is also the continuation of the interactive performance GOD MODE (ep. 1), held at Serpentine in December 2022.