Fri 9 Sep 2022
7:30 pm
Creative Captions by Applecart
Gigi Star 2022

This show has multiple captioned performances, to see other dates in the run click here

Gigi Star image

The show is creativly captioned.
In this adult fairytale for the modern age, Gigi Star’s Saturn is Returning which means she is, quite frankly, astrologically f*cked.
In her 27th year, she makes a dubious moral choice, literally goes to Hell and back all whilst battling her self-doubt.
Buckle up baby, things are about to get bumpy…
Underscored by breathtaking live music, Gigi, the voice of Doubt and a squad of bizarre rebels go on a mission, learning some hard truths along the way.
Can we ever atone for past mistakes? Will Gigi reconnect with her true purpose? Does self-doubt ever really serve us?
Forget knights in shining armour, this is about overcoming assholes whilst wrapped in tinfoil.
This is gig theatre at it’s absolute best.
Every show will be captioned and Wednesday the 7th will be a BSL interpreted show.