Pleasance Theatre London
Thu 2 Mar 2023
7:00 pm
Captioned in house by Pleasance Theatre London
Get Happy image

‘I can have what you have.
I can do it better.
I’m going to show you I can get happy.’
Written with the Soho’ Writers’ Lab and the winner of the 2020 Carlo Annoni International Playwrighting Award, Get Happy is the debut show from Joseph Aldous.
Adam’s hot gay life is going from strength to strength, and he’s having a great time, actually. But when his best friend and housemate gets engaged and moves out, it’s time to make a change. All of Adam’s queer friends are settled. Happy. What a concept.
Well, Adam can be happy too.
Really, really, really, very very 100% super happy.
Armed with a sentient Alexa, a playlist of queer bangers, an extensively-tested happiness plan, every dating app under the sun and a shit-hot can-do attitude, he can’t fail. The clock’s ticking. But Adam’s going to get happy. Whatever it takes.
Clearly, absolutely nothing will go wrong.
A vibrant and pulsating one-person show, Get Happy looks at queer individuals’ relationships to happiness and asks: how do we Get Happy when we don’t know what it looks like?