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Sat 20 May 2023
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In celebration of Earth Day on 22nd April 2023, Bristol-based theatre company Coin Toss Collective are hosting a free/"Pay As You Feel" stream of our show FREAK OUT! – available for 48 hours only on Sat 20th & Sun 21st May!
This town is falling apart.
Welcome to Portsford, a seaside town fighting a losing battle with coastal erosion. When a sudden announcement threatens to tear the community apart, in an attempt to raise spirits, everyone comes together for a night of drinking and dancing. But as the party becomes a pressure cooker, difficult conversations surrounding shared loss of home, and collective and individual responsibility rise to the surface. But wouldn’t you rather just dance the night away?
Inspired by the UK’s disappearing coastline and drawing on our research on affected communities in East Anglia, FREAK OUT! experiments with theatrical styles and genres, blending human stories with live art elements into an offbeat, high-energy cocktail of a show. Enjoy it while it lasts because things are about to get messy… literally.
About the show:
FREAK OUT! highlights the problems local seaside communities are facing due to coastal erosion, notably the loss of their homes, which is accelerating as a result of climate change. Our show is inspired by the UK’s disappearing coastline and in particular affected communities in East Anglia, with the town of Happisburgh having lost over 34 homes within the last two decades. The problem of loss of home and displacement brought about by climate change is a global one; International Environmental Partnership predicts that 1.2 billion people could be displaced globally by 2050 due to climate change.
This is a stream of of our first performance at the Network Theatre, Waterloo as part of VAULT Festival 2023, performed and filmed on Saturday 18th March 2023.