Pleasance - Two
Tue 23 Aug 2022
9:25 pm
Live Subtitled by Pleasance - Two
Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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Frankie Thompson: Catts image

Part of Edinburgh Fringe.
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‘Go for the cat-worship, stay for the side-splitting silliness, and rave about it to all your friends… Catts is like nothing you’ve ever seen before’ ***** (ToDoList.London). Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat is just a cat… From ‘acclaimed clown’ (ToDoList.London) and emerging idiot Frankie Thompson, an anarchic one-woman adaptation of Cats (the musical). But not about cats, not about musicals, not about Cats the musical. Catts is a lip-sync ballet through the distractions and obsessions that help us cope with an increasingly dystopian reality. Because after all, wouldn’t we rather think about cats?