Battersea Arts Centre
Thu 11 Nov 2021
7:00 pm
Captioned in house by Battersea Arts Centre
Endurance image

Jenni is not an athlete. Jenni has not done enough training. Jenni wants to perform a feat of endurance, live and in real time. She really wants to be able to run up hills and mountains.
Exploring colonial legacies through the prism of the Bolivian/Aymaran warrior Bartolina Sisa and modern day women who are out-performing men at ultra marathon running, Jenni wants to know how we carry on when things get really hard?
Endurance looks at how we endure, why we endure, and how women can make their innate propensity for endurance work in their favour to tip the balance of power.
“What’s fascinating about all these shows…was their boldness…the vision, the ability and the daring to make the work”
Lyn Gardner, The Stage on Thank Heaven for Little Grrrls