ZOO Southside
Wed 24 Aug 2022
5:40 pm
Captioned in house by ZOO Southside
Edinburgh Fringe 2022

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Dreamsick image

Part of Edinburgh Fringe.
‘I think I might be ill. Somewhere on the outside, on the tarmac and the paintwork.’ An architect in San Francisco draws people as buildings, Elon Musk plans his colony on Mars and a woman, walking her dog, encounters an angel. With lyrical storytelling, fragile image-making and meticulous sound, Dreamsick is a nocturne of memories, dreams and visions by writer and composer Nat Norland. A solo performance about the losing of hope, the architecture of gender, the act of transformation, the construction of the future. ‘Its ambition and confidence are genuinely remarkable’ ( for Portents).