TalksTalks | ONLINE
British Library
Tue 8 Mar 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Cook up a fairy tale CPD for primary teachers image

Discover fresh perspectives on global tales – old and modern – and empower children at your school to create their own fairy stories.

Hear ideas for giving traditional fairy tales new life by remixing much-loved recipes and adding a touch of magic.
Join award-winning authors and experts as they explore the history of fairy tales and share their approaches to retelling.

Character, agency and representation in contemporary fairy tales: author Jamila Gavin in conversation with teacher and writer Joanna Brown
Challenging stereotypes in storytelling: fairy tales and disability, with author Jen Campbell

Find out how to take part in our exciting spring challenge. We’re inviting primary school children to cook up their own fairy tale.
Enjoy a practical workshop with Seven Stories – the National Centre for Children’s Books – full of innovative ideas to inspire your class to retell old tales and generate new ones.
Take a tour of the free resources on the British Library’s Discovering Children’s Books website. Access brand new videos with top tips from Michael Rosen and hear vibrant retellings of classic tales from Cinderella to Anancy.