National Theatre (Dorfman)
Wed 29 Jun 2022
7:00 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
Connections 2022 festival

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Connections 2022: Like There’s No Tomorrow image

Like There’s No Tomorrow is about climate change.
Set in an imagined city now, the people are choking on the fumes from the cars and the factories, produced by the slavish commitment of the masses to mass consumerism and mass consumption and yet they still vote for more and more – more cheap clothes, more cheap travel and more disposable goods in a fast, ephemeral life. 
It  seems  only  one  or  two  people  can  see through this non-sustainable madness, but when they open their mouths to speak out, they cannot be heard as their words are strangled in their throats as they choke on the poisonous fumes they are forced to inhale; and besides, no one can hear them above the cacophony created by the wheels of the global economy grinding against each other. Even when the evidence of imminent climate disaster across the globe is staring them in the face, as presented as the world literally cracking up before their very eyes, still no one wants to listen; they just want to carry on consuming, like they have always have and always will – won’t they?
No content warnings.
Suitable for ages 13+
Performed by Bristol School of Acting