The Royal Society
Wed 28 Jun 2023
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Communicating COVID-19 with Jonathan Van-Tam image

Join us for the David Attenborough Award Lecture given by 2022 winner, Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam.
Whilst pandemic vaccines and antiviral drugs have been used at scale in the past, the initial severity and spread of COVID-19 required additional extensive public health countermeasures.
A series of communication challenges was also inevitable in both political and public spaces. This was intensified by the lengthy duration of the crisis, the ever-changing epidemiology and a changing virus.
Scientists and clinician-scientists were under pressure as never before to communicate with clarity, integrity, and authenticity.
In this lecture, Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam discusses and reflects on his own journey through this challenging landscape.
Professor Van-Tam was awarded the 2022 prize for his critical role in public engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic as UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer, through national and international media.
The Royal Society David Attenborough Award and Lecture is awarded annually to an individual for outstanding public engagement with science. The award, open to everyone, recognises high quality public engagement activities. The award is named after the United Kingdom’s best-loved naturalist and broadcaster, and honorary Fellow of the Royal Society, David Attenborough.