TalksTalks | ONLINE
Achates Philanthropy Foundation
Mon 15 Nov 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Live Subtitled by Stagetext
Climate Economics image

As the Global North finally wakes up to the reality of climate change, it is now seeking to alter the way in which art is curated and consumed worldwide, through initiatives such as reducing international travel and promoting digital engagement. But this sets a challenge for artists in the Global South many of whom seek opportunities in the Global North to raise the perceived and economic value of their work. Where do climate and social justice meet in the arts?
Chair: To be announced
Shoshana Polanco is a creative producer. Based in Buenos Aires, her area of expertise is international collaboration with a focus in Latin America.
Fehinti Balogun is an actor and writer. He conceived, wrote and performed in Can I Live?, a brand new digital performance about the climate catastrophe from Complicité. TV and film credits include I May Destroy You and Dune.
Róise Goan is the Artistic Director of Artsadmin.