Young Vic
Thu 4 Aug 2022
Captioned in house by Young Vic
Chasing Hares image

“I’m not political. Not at all. Never have been. I’m a company man.”
2000s Kolkata. The Khub Bhalo factory is on lockdown and no one’s getting paid. Prab is caught between joining the picket line and the need to provide for his family. When the boss’ son ropes Prab into reinvigorating his failing folk theatre troupe, Prab seizes the opportunity to expose the injustice of factory conditions and child exploitation. Is he ready to risk his future, his family and even his own life to fight for change?
Winner of Theatre Uncut’s Political Playwriting Award, the world premiere of Sonali Bhattacharyya’s Chasing Hares is directed by Milli Bhatia (seven methods of killing kylie jenner).