The Royal Society
Tue 27 Jun 2023
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Carbon-based nanoelectronics: from simulations to applications image

The Rising Star Africa Prize 2022 lecture given by Dr Khalil Tamersit.
Boosting the performance of electronic instruments and systems through the continual miniaturization of electronic devices was an approach that has been followed by Semiconductor Industry for more than five decades, and has led to the significant electronics development that we are witnessing today. The basic material that has accompanied this spectacular evolution is Silicon. Now, there are billions of silicon transistors in the current microprocessors, whereas there were only thousands in the 70s. However, silicon-based nanotransistors are reaching their limits in terms of miniaturization and energy efficiency. Thus, different nanodevices based on emerging nanomaterials are urgently needed to continue in this evolutionary approach while extending the lifetime of Moore’s Law. 
Dr. Khalil Tamersit will describe how the simulation approaches and computational models are used to propose and optimize new carbon-based electronic devices (eg nanotransistors, nanosensors, nanobiosensors, and micromachines) while paving the way for a post-silicon future.