T A P E Collective
Fri 28 Jan 2022
6:31 pm - 8:21 pm
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But Where Are You Really From? image

By looking at the three themes of the good immigrant trope, language and the significance of names. The season explores othering, belonging and the trouble of melting pots.
I Was Told There’s Freedom Here
A human refugee from another planet describes their family’s experiences facing discrimination, gentrification and the violence of British bureaucracy.
Dir Awate Abdalla, 6 mins
What’s in a Name?
In this documentary short, Brits explore the challenges they’ve encountered with their non-Western names.
UK 2021, Dir Runyararo Mapfumo, 11 mins
Following yet another argument with her mother Miri seeks refuge in her best friend, the beautiful and rebellious Elle. Whilst out meeting some boys, something happens leading Miri to re-evaluate her identity.
UK 2021, Dir Ndrika Anyika, 12 mins
This is Forever
With dreams of being the best ancestor she can be for her teenage son, Indigenous Bolivian single mother applies for a Visa to remain in the U.K. while embarking on a journey of healing the wounds of her past.
UK 2021, Dir Susy Pena, 11 mins
Once an Old Lady Sat On My Chest
A magical realism short about a young British Nigerian woman who is forced to deal with her identity crises when a mysterious old woman squats on chest.
UK 2017, Dir Candice Onyeama, 13 mins
But You’re Not Black
A Chinese-Caribbean-Canadian woman tries to embrace her parents’ Trinidadian identity and traces back her roots.
Canada 2019, Dir Danielle Ayow, 19 mins
Homeland Trilogy
A trilogy of short documentaries (‘Fatherland’, ‘Motherland’, ‘Homeland’) mapping out the personal migration stories of thefilmmaker’s family, as well as a look at a generation of young Muslims in multicultural London.

UK 2017, Dir Asena Nour Oyzoyn, 7 mins