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Greenham in Common is an online gathering bringing intergenerational activists and audiences together on the 40th year anniversary of the beginning of Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. This event will celebrate the contributions of women within anti-nuclear movements, and in doing so, explore the legacy the Greenham Women left on peace activism and on protest culture more broadly today.

Whilst reflecting on the movement and opening up space to share memories and personal experiences, we’ll consider Greenham Common in relation to various movements which intersect with it, historically and in the present. Together we ask: what are the long term knowledges, connections and practices which grew out of Greenham? How can we learn and develop strategies through connecting with past struggles and also apply a critical lens to contemporary understandings of the world? In disconnected times, when rights to protest and police powers are shifting, how can we find ways to come together and nurture connections between our struggles?
Hosted in collaboration between Glasgow Women’s Library and Peace Education Scotland this event invites speakers from different environmental campaigns to recall and call for activist practices which can shake the world on personal and political levels.

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Thu 26 Aug 2021, 6:30pm

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Glasgow Women's Library
The Arts Council
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