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Talk Online | Cut from the same Cloth

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Are you oppressed? Do you wear that at home? Can you be a feminist? Aren’t you hot in that?
SPOILER ALERT: This session will not be asking or answering any of the usual questions pitted at Muslim women!
Chaired by Channel 4’s Fatima Manji, what this session will do is bring together some of the best writers and thinkers working today to discuss their personal contributions to the acclaimed Cut from the Same Cloth?, released last month.
From modern pop culture to anti-Blackness, faith and family, politics, education, creativity and working life, Cut from the Same Cloth? is an anthology of writing from Muslim women on life in Britain, giving Muslim women creatives a space to speak.
Hijab-wearing Muslim women are rarely given a platform on their own terms. Harangued by awkward questions (see above), non-Muslims and non-hijabis making assumptions, man-splaining, hijab-splaining, stereotyping and everything in between, this book tips the balance in the favour of hijabis.
Three contributors, including editor and WOW’s Senior Programmer Sabeena Akhtar (pictured above) join Fatima to discuss Cut from the Same Cloth? Expect big ideas and laughter too - and a sense of what it means when finally, as a society, we can stop with the hijab-splaining and make space for the women who know.
Everyone is welcome. This workshop is open to everyone and will take place on Zoom as a Webinar. You will be sent joining details before the event.

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Mon 26 Jul 2021, 7:00pm

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WOW Foundation
The Johnson Building
77 Hatton Garden
The Arts Council
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