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It's Our 20th Birthday

When 2020 started we all had such big plans for our 20th birthday, we were going to celebrate in style, but as it so often goes, life got in the way.

I wish that I wasn't writing this online, I wish that we were all at a big party, where there would be a huge cake, more than a couple of bottles of fizz, and all our friends and Stagetext family gathered around to celebrate. But here we are, keeping ourselves safe indoors waiting for the virus to pass.

Though no matter what, we would never let our 20th pass without marking the occasion, it's such a huge milestone.

So, today we want to take a moment to say a huge thank you to eveyone who helped us get to 20 and celebrate all the work that brought us here.

I hope you'll enjoy this collection of memories and landmarks we've put together for you. We've pulled together some highlights from our upcoming archive to help take you down memory lane, some of our staff and beautiful users have helped us celebrate in song, and our dear friend Hala even wrote us a couple of fantastic poems to mark the occassion.

It'll be an exciting day when we get back into venues and are able to see you all face to face and celebrate together.

Thank you again for all your support and love as we reach 20 years old, and we'll see you all in 2021 for the real party!

Melanie Sharpe, CEO



Find out where it all started
We wouldn't be anywhere without our founders. Take a look at how it all began and find out about the people who brought Stagetext to life.

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Sing along with us
It's not a party without friends and family gathering to sing happy birthday! Take a look at our staff and some of our friends wishing us a happy 20th. 

Watch the videos


Poems by Hala
For our birthday we'd particularly like to thank Hala Hashem, who has taken the time to share some poems with us.

Read Hala's poems


Send us a gift
We feel that reaching 20 is something to be proud of and the gift of a donation goes a long way to help us celebrate.

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Take a trip down memory lane
Scroll through some of the highlights from our upcoming archive project "Captions Speak Louder Than Words".

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