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Talk Art Criticism and the Pandemic - Session 1: Resetting the Global

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Several months into a devastating pandemic, the globalised art world has been grounded and changed.

Exhibition models and curatorial pursuits including the ‘blockbuster’, the biennial and the art fair are left in limbo.

Are the restricted conditions of movement for many in the western world fostering alternative forms of practice, display and exchange?

This event aims to glimpse possibilities for renewal beyond existing globalised systems. It will look for signs of a decolonial art world.

Speakers will address a wide-ranging set of issues and raise questions of ecological imperative, use of technology and the new status of art, for consideration and discussion.


  • Khairani Barokka (Researcher-in-Residence and Research Fellow at UAL's Decolonising Arts Institute) “Resetting” Extraction and Ableist, Colonial Pandemic Manifestations
  • David Dibosa (Reader in Museology, University of the Arts London) In the Crosswinds of Crisis
  • Bárbara Rodríguez Muñoz (Curator and Writer) The Land of Healing 


  • Chris McCormack (Associate Editor) Art Monthly, the UK’s leading magazine of contemporary visual art

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Thu 9 Jul 2020, 12:00pm

Live subtitles (remote) by Stagetext

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Paul Mellon Centre
16 Bedford Square
The Arts Council
The Arts Council
The Arts Council