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Talk Under The Skin: Anatomy, Art & Identity - Whose body is it anyway?

Under The Skin: Anatomy, Art & Identity - Whose body is it anyway?

Royal College of Physicians

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Under the skin: Anatomy, art and identity

We are fascinated by the contents of our complex and fragile bodies

Anatomical art captures the shapes, structures and textures of the organs and tissues that are hidden beneath our skin. Physicians, surgeons, artists and printers have developed diverse tools and techniques to represent the layers of the three-dimensional

Representing the human body is also a question of power. Anatomical illustrations attempt to communicate objective truths about the body, but they also expose questions around identity and consent. Whose bodies are being used, and who controls how they are depicted?

This exhibition is part of Thinking 3D, an interdisciplinary exploration of the concept and communication of three-dimensionality and its impact on the arts and sciences.

This event will have live subtitles provided by Stagetext working with MyClearText.

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Wed 20 Nov 2019, 6:30pm

Live subtitling & live streaming by Stagetext

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Royal College of Physicians
The Arts Council
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