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Talk AMA Digital Marketing Day 2019

AMA Digital Marketing Day 2019

AMA Digital Market Day

Key facts

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What is it about?

When was the last time you thought about a digital experience? Chances are, digital has already played a huge part in your day, you just haven’t noticed. We’re heading towards the post-digital age, where ‘online’ is constant and audiences have more choice than ever before.

Content streaming and global connectivity are changing the shared viewing experience, so where — and when — do we find our audiences? With people digital calorie-counting to avoid overload — why should you be part of their diet? In a limitless social network, how do you create loyal relationships?

Join us at Beyond Digital where we’ll ask how arts and cultural organisations navigate a world where digital isn’t an add-on – it’s integral. Explore how to use data to listen, when the rest of the world is shouting. Learn where and when to create space for connections. Crucially, explore how we can use digital to stay human.

You can find more information, including the event speakers, on the Digital Marketing Day webpage.

What will I gain?

— Ideas on how to cut through the digital noise and reach your target audiences  

— Tips for using your data effectively to inform your digital activity

—    An understanding of ways to build a loyal online audience 

Who is it for?

Digital Marketing Day is for those looking to strengthen their understanding of digital tactics, explore digital strategy and improve their digital skills. 

This event will have live subtitles provided by Stagetext working with MyClearText.


Event details

Thu 5 Dec 2019, 10:30am

Remote STT by Stagetext

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British Library
The Arts Council
The Arts Council
The Arts Council