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Talk The Joy of Sex Beyond 70

The Joy of Sex Beyond 70

Royal College of Nursing

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Alex Comfort, gerontologist and author of the 1972 bestseller ‘The Joy of Sex’, emphasised that growing old does not mean desire will diminish.

Older age can be an opportunity for new and different intimate relationships, with sexual health advice high on the agenda. But does society still stigmatise sex in the over 70s? What barriers might older people face in continuing a romantic life? And how can nursing staff support safe sexual expression and intimacy? Join a frank and honest panel discussion where we talk sex and romance in an ageing population.

"It’s not always about sex. Sometimes the best intimacy is where you lay back and laugh at silly things, hold each other and enjoy each other’s company."

“They like to have someone to come over or to go shopping with ... but they don’t want to get married, they just want a “booty” call!”

This event will have live subtitles provided by Stagetext working with MyClearText.


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Mon 23 Sep 2019, 6:00pm

Live subtitling by Stagetext

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Royal College of Nursing
Cavendish Square
The Arts Council
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