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Talk Francis Crick Lecture at the Royal Society

Francis Crick Lecture at the Royal Society

The Royal Society

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Francis Crick Lecture 2018 delivered by Dr Miratul Muqit.

Parkinson’s disease: decoding the mysteries of neurodegeneration

Parkinson’s disease has emerged as a leading cause of brain degeneration in aged populations across the world. Patients typically develop a progressive disturbance of movement due to the selective loss of dopamine-containing neurons in the brain. The mechanisms for why these brain cells die have remained mysterious, hampering efforts to develop diagnostic tests and effective therapies that can slow the disease.

In this talk, Dr Miratul Muqit will discuss how genetic and biochemical discoveries are transforming our understanding of the biological basis of Parkinson’s. This has elaborated key signalling pathways that when disrupted in neurons lead to disease onset and progression. Dr Muqit will discuss the potential application of this fundamental knowledge towards therapeutic strategies against Parkinson’s.

The lecture will be webcast live and the video recording will be available shortly after the event.

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Thu 17 Jan 2019, 6:30pm

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The Royal Society
6-9 Carlton House Terrac
The Arts Council
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